Recycle For Breast Cancer provides prepaid shipping labels, envelopes or collection materials based on the condition, quantity and weight of the items you have. We use UPS, FedEx and DHL prepaid shipping labels for medium weight packages, US postage paid envelopes for the lighter items and send a truck for heavy palletized items.

We believe prevention is as important as a cure. More and more studies and information are showing links between the waste and chemicals in our environment and the causes of cancer.


Recycle for Breast Cancer is committed to reducing the incidence of environmentally caused breast cancer by keeping electronic waste from entering our landfills and environment.


Recycle for Breast Cancer provides a no-cost, national recycling program whose mission is to prevent electronic waste and the toxic chemicals they contain from entering our landfills and environment, to help protect the environment and support the fight against breast cancer. It is our belief by preventing these items from entering our environment by providing a recycling/reuse program we can help reduce the incidence of cancer in our country.

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RFBC recycles electronic waste to help support the fight against breast cancer by providing a no-cost program to prevent the toxic items from entering our landfills. Copyright © 2002-2005, Recycle For Breast Cancer®, All rights reserved.