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Is my Data Safe?


DATA SECURITY:  We will do whatever it takes to keep your data SAFE!



  1. Transportation. Seal the pallets, place identification markings on the shrink-wrap, and take digital photos before pallet is shipped. Secure/sealed shipping containers are available. We will take digital photos when the products are received and email them to you prior to opening the shipment to ensure no tampering has occurred during transit.


  1. Receiving. Personal supervision of your delivery upon receipt. Products are immediately verified to your Purchase Order. You will be made aware of any discrepancies immediately. Our trained staff will identify your media and schedule data destruction as soon as the delivery has been checked in.


  1. Our Building. Our offices and warehouse are secured and fully alarmed.


  1. Response Time. Notification will be made as soon as products are delivered. Your media will be scheduled for data destruction immediately (to be completed no later than two weeks of receipt at our warehouse). We handle over 30,000 tape/data destructions per month.


  1. Data Destruction. Our data destruction processes are fully documented and approved by leading manufacturers of tape drives, degaussers, and media.


  1. Verification. You may request to receive samples of your media back after the data destruction process to verify the data is no longer retrievable.


  1. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure. Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are available at no cost. Our legal department can review your specific requirements and make changes to the existing documentation as needed. We are able to answer any of your questions and concerns.


  1. Past Performance. We have never had one client or customer EVER question the integrity or performance of our data destruction processes. No breach of confidentiality or trust has ever been broken.


  1. References Available. We have purchased used media from hundreds of organizations, schools, hospitals, factories, insurance companies, credit unions, power companies, government agencies, and financial institutions around the world. We can provide names and numbers from organizations within your industry to validate our claims.


  1. Our Personal Guarantee. Our number one priority is the protection and security of your data. We understand the value of your trust and will do whatever it takes to keep it.


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