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"Thank you for this opportunity to be able to make a non-monetary donation.
I am just glad that I can help out: supporting a great cause while recycling. How effortless, but meaningful is that? Two good deeds in one day :)"   Kinga - Wisconsin


"Just wanted to let you know that we are having great success with this program. Our women love it and are spreading the word! Thank you for giving us an outlet for our old and unused products that has a great purpose behind it. :)"  

Curves For Women - Kate - Pennsylvania


"This is a great program, keep up the good work!" Nicole - Chestnut Ridge, New York


"Not using the label. Postage is on me. Please keep up the wonderful work." Scott - Alpharetta, GA

"Hi Everyone, I stumbled across this great recycling program for old cell phones. I don't know about you guys, but we have old cell phones that have just been collecting dust because I couldn't justify throwing them out. They also recycle toner cartridges, digital cameras, laptops, computers, etc. Just thought I would pass this on- it is too beneficial to keep quiet!   Trish - Colorado


"I have received the label and I am just waiting to add more cartridges to my box.  I am so happy that your organization was passed on to me!  It truly is a wonderful thing to do."    Jennifer - Minneapolis, MN


" This a wonderful program and we are very excited about being involved - thank you!"   Mark - Texas


"This is a wonderful cause.  I'm glad I could be part of it!  Thank you."  

Sara - Georgia


"This is a GREAT program. The phone is on its way. Thank you!"   David - Missouri


"Thanks for being diligent on the matter though! I have passed your cards out to numerous people, all of whom are impressed with your responsiveness (as I have mentioned) as well as your overall program." Ron - California


"I just wanted to say what a wonderful thing you're doing at recycle for breast cancer. I was so delighted to be able to place a cell phone donation towards your cause. Keep up the great work!"   Helen - New Jersey


"I stumbled across your site on a Google search for  donating old cell phones.  Your service is FANTASTIC and it really gives me  a great feeling to know that I can help play a part in helping eradicate another  hideous form of cancer.  Thank you for doing this.  I have passed your  site's address onto several friends & family members."   Joe L.


"All set, and the two phones have been sent; I plan to post a note at work to let everyone know about the program - we all know (and some are) breast cancer survivors and I want to do all that I can to continue to help; Great program - and so easy!"   Sara - Massachusetts

"Thank you so much for your prompt response...it makes not only recycling, but recycling for a fantastic cause so much easier!"   Stephanie - Maryland

"I already sent the link to A LOT more than 5 friends.  I think your program is a brilliant idea! Thanks!"  

Melissa - Massachusetts


"I'm glad I'm donating for a good cause instead of just throwing the phone away. I hope this helps out. Good luck and God bless!"   Jaylyn - Kansas


"Thank you, you guys are fantastic!"   Alison - California


"Thank you for providing this service to help fight the cause for Women's Breast Cancer."   Cynthia - Washington

"I'm just glad they will be going to a good cause.  My mother passed away from Breast Cancer at the age of 45 (about 10 years ago).  Therefore, I would like to thank RFBC for this program.  Great idea!  Have a wonderful day!"   Heather - Arizona


"This is such a great cause, thank you for the opportunity to help
others.  I hope my phones can help at shelters, if not recycling them is a
good option too."   Britony - Massachusetts


"As you may be able to tell from the list of cell phones I'd like to send you I've been searching for a long time for a worthy place to donate them. Thanks and keep up the GREAT WORK!"   Jennifer - New Hampshire


"Thank you for making it possible that we can do something meaningful with our old cell phones. They will be in the mail to you tomorrow morning. I will definitely pass this along to my friends!!!"   Susan - Florida


"I am so excited to be able to donate my old phones to such a GREAT cause!!"
 Brenda - Maryland


"I forwarded your link to over 50 of my friends and family... I think your program is great!" Thanks, Lisa - Oregon


"Thank you....what a great idea!!  I have been holding on to this old cell phone for about 6 months.  Thanks again.."  Christine - Connecticut


" I am very, very familiar with your foundation;  All the women in my immediate family appreciate all that you do and we do try to anonymously assist as much as we can. I was clueless about the recycle program--until I heard it on KCBS;  It was the first time I heard it on radio, even though I always listen to our popular news stations. Thank you so much for offering me this additional perfect option on donating....I immediately emailed my sisters, mom, and aunts...Thank you for the mailer." 

Lucia - California


"Hi, Just wanted to let you know we're featuring your website on our Home Page. Good luck with everything and keep up the great work!"
Best Regards,
Laurie Howell
The GreenScene Radio Report


"I just discovered your program and would love to recycle my cartridges with you - Thanks tons for doing what you're doing."
Carie - California


"Just wanted to send a quick note to THANK YOU for making it so easy to donate. It's very appreciated."
Warm regards,
Deanna - New Hampshire


"I think what you're doing is great!!!  The phones will be in the mail shortly."  Stephanie - California


"Thanks.  I downloaded the mailing label and will be sending the phones on their way.  As a breast cancer survivor I so appreciate what you are doing for the "cause".

Susan - California


"Thanks!  I did refer the web site to friends -- more than 5... So glad your program is doing this!"    

Dawn - Massachusetts

"I'm so excited about being able to help women  who may need a cell phone. This program helps people in need and also  helps keep the environment clean of contaminants that the phones may have. I'm planning to have a cell phone drive at my office. Hopefully, we will get lots of phones. Wish me luck."

Maribel - California   


"This is a great cause & good for the environment too!  Would like to see the program get more exposure to increase awareness. Never knew about it till I read the article.  Thank you for what you are doing to support women with breast cancer & also for promoting awareness of the issue!"   Kathy - Florida


"Sounds good, thank you so much for being the one with such a great idea.  I have thrown away so many cartridges in the past and I just think its great that people like you put this together in supporting the foundation of cancer, so thank you and see you on Monday. Have a wonderful Weekend…"   Rachel - California


"I would like to donate these in the name of my best girlfriend's mom, Charlotte who passed away last October from Breast Cancer. Keep doing the fabulous work you do!"   Karen - California


"Thanks for your help, your speedy reply to my query, and for making recycling incredibly easy. I just sent you 5 cell phones from my friends - realize that I don't even own a cell phone!"   Esther - New York


"Fed Ex is scheduled to pick up the box with the cartridges today. This is a wonderful program, we will continue to support it."   Lori - Louisiana


"I also wanted to say keep up the good work! I am a part time student at Cal-State Hayward, I will be graduating in June 05 with a B.S. in Health Science/Community Health. And I participated in the American Cancer
Societies "Relay for Life" where we raised over $100,000 for cancer research. It is a good feeling to be able to help out others. Thanks for being dedicated."   Monica - California


"It is our pleasure to participate in such a wonderful program. We will be sending in our first shipment soon. We are a small company and are collecting from a few other sources before we send in our first batch of used ink cartridges. Thank you for the inquiry and for providing an opportunity to make a difference."   Melisa - Virginia


"I think this is a fabulous program and I have been letting my friends and co-workers know about it too. Quite a few of them seem very interested and I know they will be spreading the word as well. Thanks for checking up on me
and have a great day!!"   Erin - MI


"Shipment is on its way. Thanks for making everything so easy.  And yes, we definitely will spread the word. Thanks again"   Sharlene - OR


"I think your organization is a great cause! You were such a joy to work with over the phone and I am very excited about your program. Thanks again!" Jean - Missouri


"Thanks for this opportunity, thanks for following up, and a special thanks for having this program benefit Breast Cancer research because I am a 17 year survivor this month."   Jane - Washington, DC


"Thank YOU for doing this on behalf of such an important cause.  I am glad my old equipment can go somewhere useful."   Dalia - Chicago, IL


"UPS picked up the package late last week, you should have it soon. This is a great program!!"  

Claudia - Kansasville, WI


"Thanks again, what a great program. I sure will spread the word"    Laura - Virginia Beach, VA


"I was looking for an environmentally friendly way to dispose of my camera, which stopped working a few days ago, and found your page.  Thanks for providing a means by which consumers can dispose of electronics safely, AND raise money for cancer research!  What a great program!"  Dina - Lexington, KY


"I wanted you to know that I put the cell phone in the mail on Tuesday.  As a two time Breast Cancer Survivor I am very happy to participate in this program.  Thanks for all that you are doing for this cause!  May God Bless You!!" 

Arlene - Medford, NY


"I wanted to let you know that this is a great program.  Rhode Island doesn't have a recycling program for large businesses and most of this stuff would wind up in landfills.  I'm glad to be able to donate to a great cause and have this equipment recycled.  I'm sending our first shipment out tomorrow and requested a label for another computer.  I have more items sitting on a shelf I need to go through, most of the stuff does work so can be put to good use.  People in my office are bringing in boxes and packaging materials they would have otherwise thrown away, so that is being put to good use too.  Keep up the good work and I look forward to sending you more items you can use.  Thank you."    Tammy - Middletown, RI


"Thanks for having this program.  It's awesome!!"     Lisa - Woodinville, WA


“This is a WONDERFUL service and I have forwarded your information to several friends.  Thank you for making recycling easy and for a good cause!”    Laura – Tarboro, North Carolina



“Thanks for offering a program that helps the community in so many ways!”     Sally - Livermore, California



“We will definitely be recycling all of our cartridges with you in the future.  This has been the easiest program that I found.  Even easier than our suppliers.”!    Sara – Faribault, MN



“This is a great idea, and am glad you have put it into action!”   Andrea – San Francisco, CA


“This is perfect, I was so excited to find your site online and use my old cell phones for a great cause! Thank you for providing this great service.”    Laura – Bradenton, FL


“I sent your message to all of my friends and will keep you website address for the future.  It's nice to be able to help you and recycle at the same time.  You make it easy.”   Nancy - Truth Or Consequences, NM


"Wow - you  make it super-easy to make a donation like this.  

G-R-E-A-T!  The  phone's in the mail today!"   Mimi - Sacramento, CA


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