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Request a Pre-Paid Shipping Label for your Cell Phone

Please do not send manuals, car phones or wall phones. Do not send us any accessories that you may have purchased in addition to your phone such as car chargers or leather cases. Unfortunately we can not recycle these items.Recycle Nokia, Siemens, LG, Motorola, Samsung


If you have a mixture of items (cell phones AND cartridges) go here


For a list of other items we accept please go here.

Please provide the following contact information:

First Name
Last Name
Title (optional)
Company  (required for business address)
Zip Code
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Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx


A valid email address is required to process your request

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Please Read

Get RFBC out of your SPAM folder! Please add info@recycleforbreastcancer.org to your "friends" list in your spam filter so you will be able to receive our emails.


NOTE TO AOL MEMBERS: AOL's aggressive mail screening will sometimes block the email we send containing the information you need. Please use a non-AOL address if you have one.


Please tell us how you heard about us.  

If "Other" please explain

  How many cell phones do you have?

Please give us the manufacturer and model number of each phone. (separated by commas)

example -  Nokia 5160, Motorola Startac 3000  - To identify the Model number of your phone, remove the battery, locate the ID tag on the phone. The Model number is listed on this tag.




What happens to the cell phones once RFBC receives them?

Do I have to erase the phone numbers & information from my phone?

Why don't you want the chargers, adaptors, manuals, accessories, etc..

Important cell phone questions

RFBC absorbs all of the costs for this program. Please be respectful of the time, effort and money it takes to process & fill your request. Make certain any questions you may have are addressed prior to submitting your request.

Please double check all your information, including phone and email address for accuracy. If your information is not correct we may not be able to fulfill your request.

All information submitted is for the sole purpose of the Recycle for Breast Cancer program and will not be sold or distributed to any other individuals or organizations.

Ask a question about recycling your cell phone


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